Errors and math strengths/weaknesses

9-5=3 (knows meaning of subtraction)  vs   9-5 = 14 (knows facts but not the meaning of operations)

Errors and decoding/spelling strengths/weaknesses

reading sight as s-i-guh-hit knows ( phonics but not orthography, in this case rime) vs
reading sight as stig (fails to maintain phonological structure)

spelling floor as florr (perceives phonological structure but lacks knowledge of orthography) vs
floor as fulooer (fails to overlap consonant and vowel sounds - using "fuh" for the sound of f...)

Errors and reading comprehension strengths and weaknesses

good summary, lack of knowledge of detail

good summary, poor response to specific questions

main idea at expense of detail

detail vs understanding of text structure, i.e., how the presentation of ideas is organized

introduction of valid and relevant background information not in the text incorrectly answering a specific questions

filling in decoding errors with logic but incorrect information